Significant Hail Parameter (SHIP) Stats

Description: The Significant Hail Parameter, or SHIP, is a multiple component index that uses instability, moisture, lapse rate, 500mb temperature, and deep shear to anticipate hail greater or less than 2" in diameter.

yellow horizontal line - current value of SHIP with values indicated on the y-axis (dimensionless); line is color coded based on value

large green boxes - the bottom and top of the box represent the 25th and 75th percentile of STPC values, respectively

whiskers on the green boxes- vertical lines spanning the 10th-25th percentile (below the box) and the 75th-90th percentile (above the box) of SHIP values

How to use box and whiskers: Compare the sounding's value of SHIP (yellow horizontal line) with the box and whiskers to get an idea how your value relates to the hail sizes in the analysis dataset. Note that 2" or larger hail becomes likely when SHIP increases from 1 to 2 and higher, and they become less likely as SHIP decreases from 1 to 0.

Other relevant notes: The equation for SHIP is:

SHIP = [(MUCAPE j/kg) * (Mixing Ratio of MU PARCEL g/kg) * (700-500mb LAPSE RATE c/km) * (-500mb TEMP C) * (0-6km Shear m/s) ] / 44,000,000