SPC Graphs


The "SPC Wide Screen Configuration" currently has six graphs:

EBS Stats - Effective Bulk Shear graph showing the bulk shear for every layer throughout the storm depth. Supercell, marginal supercell, and non-supercell profiles are overlaid with the current profile. Click on the "EBS Stats" button (or the graph in the SPC Wide Screen Configuration graphic) to learn more.

STP Stats - Significant Tornado Parameter statistics showing the current STP and a box and whiskers diagram of the STP stats for non-tornado, weak-tornado, and strong-tornado datasets. A probability of significant tornado is included with this graph along with relative contributions from the inputs into the parameter.

SHIP Stats - The Significant Hail Parameter overlaid with the box and whiskers statistics for hail < 2" and > 2".

Winter- A top down precipitation-type algorithm.

Fire- Fire weather parameters.

Hail (not yet implemented) - 1D hail model output with estimated hail size.

SARS- Sounding Analog Retrieval System. SARS matches a number of different parameter calculations for the sounding and finds similar sounding matches.

To learn more about these, click on the appropriate buttons in the NSHARP(D2D) window.