Edit Graph

Clicking on the Edit Graph button enables editing of the Skew-T or hodograph. Circles are placed at the location of the available observations to edit. If you left click on the Skew-T or hodograph, the mouse pointer will snap to the closest available circle. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the circle to modify the trace to the value you desire, then release the left mouse button.

The Skew-T allows lateral movement of the point (contstant pressure) while the hodograph lets you move the point in all directions. The wind barbs update automatically when you update the points on the hodograph.

If you right click and release on the Skew-T, a menu appears which gives you the option to move the entire line:

To move the line laterally, left click and hold the line and drag. A white line previews the movement:

Release the left mouse button to drop the line at a particular point in the Skew-T:

To reset the traces, click on the Reset button.