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Fire Weather Professional Development Series

  • PCU 4: Provide Fire Weather Products and Services - DRAFT

    Description of Job Duty Competency to be Achieved:

    Understand the needs of our fire weather customers to ensure we produce timely, high quality, relevant , and clearly defined products and services using pertinent meteorological data, and fire weather forecast tools and techniques.

    Description of Need:

    Meteorologists need to effectively communicate fire weather information used by customers in support of their decision-making processes. This includes provision of grid-based and non-grid based products and other services.

    • Ability 1. Produce grid-based products and services
      • Skill 1.2. Add clear and pertinent text to grid-based products such as the FWF, FWS, RWF, and AFD to enhance these fire weather products and add value in Decision Support.
    • Ability 2. Produce non-grid based products and services
      • Skill 2.1. Interact with customers to obtain data for creating point (spot) forecasts in support of specific projects and incidents.
    • Ability 3. Provide other services
      • Skill 3.1. Provide phone and internet briefings.
      • Skill 3.2. Proactively communicate fire weather products to customers.
      • Skill 3.3. Explain content of fire weather products to customers.
      • Skill 3.4. Participate in conference calls.

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