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Forecast Decision Training Branch

FDTD Glossary

Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) - AWIPS is the hardware and software the NWS uses to acquire, process, view, and store data from numerous sources (including models, satellite, radar, and surface observations).

BUFKIT - BUFKIT is a forecast profile visualization and analysis tool kit developed by the staff at the National Weather Service to view model output profiles and forecast parameters at high vertical and temporal resolutions.

Build Training - Training for NWS Forecasters (Meteorologist and Hydrologist) on software and hardware updates to the AWIPS, RPG, RDA, etc.

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) - A study conducted to capture how experts at a particular task think, what they know, how they organize and structure information, and what they seek to understand better.

COMET - The COMET Program’s mission is to serve as a premier resource that supports, enhances, and stimulates the communication and application of scientific knowledge of the atmospheric and related sciences for the operational and educational communities. This is accomplished primarilly though delivery of web-based modules, as well as virtual and residence courses. Co-located with FDTD in Boulder, CO, COMET is part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Display Two Dimensions (D2D) - The visualization software used to display data on AWIPS.

Facilitators - The facilitator is the person at a local NWS office who provides assistance, support and guidance to students throughout a course. Facilitators are usually the SOO, DOH, Training Officer, or other designate in the office.

Flash Flood Guidance (FFG) - Flash Flood Guidance is a tool used by meteorologists and hydrologists to predict flash flooding of urban areas, creeks and streams.

Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction (FFMP) - The Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction (FFMP) system is an integrated suite of multi-sensor applications which detects, analyzes, and monitors precipitation and generates short-term warning guidance for flash flooding automatically within AWIPS.

Forecast Decision Training Division (FDTD) - FDTD develops and delivers training on the integrated elements of the forecast and warning process within National Weather Service forecast offices, national centers, CWSUs and river forecast centers. Co-located with COMET in Boulder, CO, FDTD is a part of the NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer.

Instructional Component (IC) - An organizational unit of training material for which a student must pass an exam to receive credit. Each IC is made up of one or more lessons which cover the objectives for that topic.

Learning Management System (LMS) - A service provided to organizations that require distance education and e-learning delivery, tracking, and evaluation in a cost effective manner.

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) - NESDIS acquires and manages the Nation's operational environmental satellites, operates the NOAA National Data Centers, provides data and information services including earth system monitoring, performs official assessments of the environment, and conducts related research.

National Weather Service Training Center (NWSTC) - NWSTC provides training to National Weather Service employees in the areas of management, meteorology, hydrology, equiptment, maintenance, system support, and related activities. Co-located with the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) and Central Region Headquarters in Kansas City, MO, NWSTC is a part of the NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer.

Operational Build (OB) - "OB" refers to specific versions of AWIPS. After AWIPS was fielded, the developers switched to a more open source architecture to the system. As a result, the release versions were renamed from "Build" to "Operational Build" to highlight the change.

Post-Mortem - A detailed examination or evaluation of a significant event from which some lessons may be learned to improve future performance.

Situation Awareness (SA) - The process of acquiring the perception of the elements in the environment within a volume space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) - Subject Matter Experts are those who provide expertise in the content of an instructional area. SMEs can either contribute to or develop the training.

Teletraining - A delivery method of distance education where the instructor and students are in different locations, viewing training visuals on monitors (or projectors) and utilizing teleconferencing technology for audio communication.

Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT) - The primary mission of VISIT is to accelerate the transfer of research results based on atmospheric remote sensing data into NWS operations. This is accomplished primarilly through delivery of teletraining and web-based training sessions.

VISITView - An application used by the VISIT program for NWS teletraining development and delivery.

Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD) - WDTD develops and delivers training on the integrated elements of the warning process within a National Weather Service forecast office. Co-located with the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and the Norman, OK Forecast Office, WDTD is a part of the NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer.

Weather Event Simulator (WES) - The Weather Event Simulator is an application that provides case playback and simulation capabilities from archived AWIPS data. The WES is effectively a data pump and a training interface for AWIPS. is the U.S. Government's official Web portal to all Federal, state and local government Web resources and services.

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