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NWSTC announces the release of the "FAA Snow Measurement Training" module. This course provides guidance on preseason snow plot and equipment preparation,  techniques and instructions on how to perform snow measurement to meet required METAR additive data and remarks reporting criteria and encoding, and guidelines for snowfall reporting for the NWS at designated sites.

  • Target Audience: FAA Weather Observers and NWS staff members who quality check and coordinate snow observations with FAA Weather Observers. 
  • Approximate Module Time: 1 hour
  • Mode: Web-based Training (no audio)
  • Suggested Prerequisite: NWS Snow Measurement DVD
  • Course Access: Partnering Organization>>FAA & DOD Personnel>>FAA Snow Measurement Training
  • Direct Link: http://www.weather.gov/training/nwstc/FAA/snowtraining/player.html

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